New Era makes hats, but they do so much more than that. For the past few years they’ve been holding a contest encouraging budding artists to take a blank version of their signature hat and rip it to shreds and create beautiful works of art. They then take these hat/art sculptures and put them on display in various cities and publish a book all about the whole process. In 2013 I was brought in to write the spotlights on each city that would go in the commemorative book. It was super fun and the hats spanned from beautiful to bonkers. Take a look!

CD / CW: Amy Fleisher Madden


"The incredible thing about New York City is that it relies on the people that are willing to do things without permission to stay alive. The punk mentality that started there years ago has never left–and hopefully it never will."


"Miami is a place that has transformed so greatly in the past few decades that lifelong residents are delighted to explore this wondrous new city that they now live in. There are the legendary staples, though, don't get the wrong impression that anything about this city is nouveau anything."


"To an outsider, Toronto seems like they city you move to when you're done with every other major city–and that's just so respectable. What's even more interesting is that Toronto wants you. Unlike other cities that eat their young, there's such an inclusive vibe there that once you get there, you might never leave."


"It's legitimately possible that Los Angeles is called The City of Angels because if a single resident of this star-filled haven believes in your work, you will indeed find yourself pretty close to heaven."


"There's something so admirable about being called 'The City That Works'. It has nothing to do with sleeping, twinkling lights, beaches, or fame–it's all about the work and it shows."

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