I started Fiddler Records, an independent record label, in 1996. It was my whole life until 2006.

Started in Miami, Florida, the taste-making, genre-defining label launched careers for such artists as Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, Juliette and The Licks, The Higher, Name Taken, The Bled, Recover, and more.

Shorty after it’s inception, Fiddler moved it’s home base to Los Angeles, CA, and was distributed by Lumberjack, MCA/Geffen (Universal), and finally RED (Sony).

After a noble run of releasing 25 albums, selling hundreds of thousands of records, and working with some of the industry’s top artists, Fiddler Records closed its doors in 2006.

Fiddler Records existed in what can now be categorized as one of the most intense periods of music industry turmoil. Between battling downloads, uploading ringtones, the death of Napster, fighting for sync licenses, and the birth of iTunes—Fiddler experienced it all first hand and almost made it through.

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